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Monday, July 13, 2015

Trip to Oregon, RIP Lizzy, and Trip to Zions

Hi, everyone! I'm back! My trip to Oregon went well. I've seen lots sights! We went through Nevada and Idaho. It turns out Nevadans think it's funny that Nevada and Mississippi fell in love in the SSOA books. They're right. We stayed in a nice hotel in Portland. It didn't have a pool, but the trip was worth taking pictures for. My dad took me to the coast and we saw tidal pools with lots of creatures. Best of all, I got to visit some relatives in Washington state, so now I can say I've been to Washington. That makes it so I've been to all the Western states in the continental 48. A month after the trip, I've faced bad news: My dog Lizzy passed away. She had a bad tumor on her muzzle that was bleeding. The vet couldn't do anything about it, so she was put to sleep. It was a similar death to Dakota, my rat. Lizzy is now buried in our backyard. After that, my family went to Zion National Park. It was pretty, but I got bored. I have met people from all over the world. And I have met a LOT of people from California. That trip was worth it, but I'm just glad to be home!

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