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Monday, July 11, 2016

Anti-Corporal Punishment post.

Hi. Sorry I'm taking so long. There's something you should know.
Hit your children with any of these?

That’s NOT okay.
Hitting is abuse, not discipline or respect.
If they need to be punished,
send them to time-out.

Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY 2016!

Happy New Year! I'm so glad that this New Years ended up better than last year. Last year sucked because I missed the ball drop. We were on the wrong TV channel, and I was disappointed and sad after it hit midnight. This year, on the other hand, went happily because we managed to plan ahead for which channel we were going to watch for the countdown. Becca's friends came over and we had our typical party food. When it hit midnight, I couldn't stop cheering! We banged pots and pans (as usual), and had so much fun! This year, I'm going to be a high school Senior (yikes!) I've got a bunch of resolutions on my mind, including going to school when I'm supposed to. That's because I keep missing school from time to time. I hope you've had a GREAT 2015! And hopefully you will have an AWESOME 2016! Like I said before, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Okay. Sorry for being slow on my blog. This is what I did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
On Christmas Eve, I went to my aunt and uncle's house to eat, sing Christmas songs, and open presents. I gave a Panda Express gift card to my cousin, Riley, then I put it in a small box and wrapped it, put the small box in a bigger box and wrapped it, and put it in ANOTHER box and wrapped it. When Riley opened his present, we all got a laugh when they realized there was another box underneath. Even Riley was laughing! We sang We wish you a Merry Christmas, even though we messed up. I got a shirt that said "I love St8s" on it. And I also got $50 in dollar coins. After the get-together, Becca and I opened 1 present for each of us. Becca opened the Beanie-boo I gave her. I opened some pants and a shirt that says "Donut bother me".
On Christmas morning, I was too excited to sleep. I woke up at around 2:00 a.m. Luckily, it was after Santa came. When we opened presents, this is what we got:

Dad got a CD (from me), clothes, and a waffle-maker.

Mom got a new camera and pajama pants with Snoopy (from me).

Emily got Fallout 4 and a book (from me).

I got a new camera (like Mom), blank CDs to burn, state flags (bigger ones! They include Utah, Nevada, and Mississippi), and my Dad's old Ipad.

Becca got a karaoke machine and some Shopkins. 

Mom, Dad, and Emily got an Iphone, while Becca and I got a watch phone.

After that, we went to my Grandma Nana's house (since she moved back from Alabama) and had brunch. The bacon was delicious! We watched Ice Age, too. When we opened presents, I got 2 books. After that, we went to Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Nate's house. While there, my sisters and I got a chair that plays music. When we went home, we had a very Merry Christmas, and we will (hopefully) have a Happy New Year.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Funny states

I have made a bunch of gags starring all 50 states! But there aren't 50 gags. There are about 43 because some gags star more than 1 state. My printer/scanner doesn't work, anymore. That means I have to give them to Mom to scan them onto her computer and e-mail them to me. Once she's done, I'll post them. They can be hilarious! They were inspired by Laurie Keller's Scrambled States of America books. Here's an example:

Delivery Man: I've got a delivery for the state whose capital is Kleenex.
Arizona: It's Phoenix. Thank-you-very-much.

I've worked REALLY HARD on them. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New baby and EEG

Amazing news! My aunt and uncle just had their first son. His name is Brayden. My aunt and uncle had to agree on whether his name should be Brayden or Joshua. I would have liked it if his name were Joshua, but Brayden's a cute name, too. He weighs at least 8lbs. When I saw the pictures, I thought he had cute, chubby cheeks. Congratulations! Today, I had to have an EEG because I kept "jerking". It went well, but I think I'll know what's going on later because the doctor said he'll show another doctor my brain waves. I'm still jerking and hopefully it's not a seizure. But I'm still able to talk and walk. Well, I hope I'll stop jerking, somehow. Let's hope it will happen!