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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New baby and EEG

Amazing news! My aunt and uncle just had their first son. His name is Brayden. My aunt and uncle had to agree on whether his name should be Brayden or Joshua. I would have liked it if his name were Joshua, but Brayden's a cute name, too. He weighs at least 8lbs. When I saw the pictures, I thought he had cute, chubby cheeks. Congratulations! Today, I had to have an EEG because I kept "jerking". It went well, but I think I'll know what's going on later because the doctor said he'll show another doctor my brain waves. I'm still jerking and hopefully it's not a seizure. But I'm still able to talk and walk. Well, I hope I'll stop jerking, somehow. Let's hope it will happen!

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