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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My dream rooms

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the wait. I should really post more often. Anyway, I have a few dream rooms:

  • The stage room. This is where I would pretend I'm singing in a patriotic program, which I sadly never did in elementary school. There is a wall with a GINORMOUS animated picture of an audience. When I press a button, it applauds. There is also a piano that plays music by itself. I can put in arrangements to different songs and sing. There are at least 3 arrangements of each song. Just so I won't feel stupid, there will be mannequin-like robots that sing with me through a microphone that makes my voice sound like a kid. I can dress them the same way a class would in an elementary school program. I would love to be in this room!
  • The idea room. This room is very empty and quiet. This is where I walk around and talk to myself, which is what I do around the kitchen table. It has lots of space and not much furniture. I would go to this room whenever I want to. It's called the idea room because it's so I can get ideas for some projects.
  • The chatting room. This is so I could chat with people. It has chairs and a table with some snacks and treats. The snacks and treats can be chips, homemade cookies, and other things, too. I love to chat with people, so I think this would be very nice! It's helpful when I feel lonely.
These are perfect rooms for me to be in!

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