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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Upcoming Halloween

I am looking forward to Halloween! I may be too old to go tick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean I'm too old to dress up. I am going as a fortune-telling machine, this year. Last year, I went as a Vegas lady because Halloween is also the statehood date of Nevada, and Las Vegas is in Nevada. Although, my costume looked more like a 1920's flapper girl. Close enough! Anyways, I've got this year's costume most of the way done. I just need a big box to fit over my head to make the machine part. I am planning on giving the trick-or-treaters candy, because I find it fun to pick which candy goes to which kid. There are families who let the children pick, but my family doesn't do that. One thing I'm glad about is that next year is a leap year, so Halloween will skip from Saturday to Monday. No one likes having Halloween on a Sunday! That would mean we'd have to go trick-or-treating on the day before. Well, I sure hope you'll have a spook-tacular time! This will be scare-riffic!

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