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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

16 years of creativity!!!

It is my birthday, today!!! I am turning 16 years old. My family can't believe all that time has passed. One thing I have been planning to do is learn how to drive. Then after that, I will have my first job (don't know where I'll work, though.) My extended family will be coming to celebrate 16 great years of creativity and imagination. I will have the best day ever!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

RIP Dakota and more about rats

Well, there's bad news for me. One of my 2 rats passed away. Her name was Dakota. She had 2 tumors as well as a hole in her belly. My mom took her to the vet where she was put to sleep. Rest in peace, Dakota. I will miss you. Well, at least I have my other rat. Her name is Carolina. She is in good shape and I'll bet she misses Dakota. But when Carolina dies, I'll get 2 new rats. I hope they will be female. That way, I can name them Virginia and Georgia. I'll bet they will be cute rats. And I hope they'll give me kisses like Dakota did (Carolina does, too.). I gave Dakota and Carolina nicknames like "Cute little finger-lickers" and "Kissy rats". Well, you'll never know when I will get new rats. I'll just have to wait and see.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sweet 16 Party and New baby announcement

I just had my sweet 16 birthday party, today! We went to the Nickelcade in Taylorsville, Utah. We had a cake with fondant (my request), a baked potato bar, and even a chocolate fountain! I played a lot of games. After that, we went to my grandparents' house. That was when I realized my aunt was going to have a baby. It's going to be a boy, and he will be born in October. My family-on Mom's side- sang happy birthday to me and my cousin (we were born one day apart.). We had pizza, whereas mine was cheese with no sauce (the way I like it!). When my cousin and I tried to blow out the candles, it turned out to be the prank candles that light themselves up again after you blow them out. My family can be funny! I got to see my toddler cousin, Milo. He was very cute and silly! Well, I had a great time for my Sweet 16 party! I hope you've had one or will, too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Every day at lunch during school, I tell the staff members good jokes that I made.
Here are some of the jokes I have told:
Q: How do you make a piano laugh?
A: Tickle its ivories!
Q: Where did the worm go on vacation?
A: To the Big Apple!
Q: Why did the bottle of ginger go to the dentist?
A: He had ginger-vitis!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


A few days ago, my teacher caught me for seeing a picture of a p*nis getting a paper-cut. I saw this on Facebook and she almost sent me to the principal's office. But the truth is, I didn't intend on seeing that picture. I didn't even post it! My friend did. While on the way, I told my teacher the truth and worked things out. She sent me back to the classroom and I blocked the picture and un-friended the one who posted it. So now I'm back to normal. So remember to be careful on what you post on Facebook (or any public website!) regardless of your age, what you/your friends think is funny, or any other reason leading to excuses. Otherwise, someone (maybe even YOU) could get in trouble like I did!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I goofed!

I accidentally spelled my Kindergarten teacher's last name wrong! It's actually Mrs, Ostered. Sorry, folks!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Becca's Talent Show and Prom

Today was an interesting day. I watched Becca at her school's talent show. I thought she did great at gymnastic work! While I was there, I heard my Kindergarten teacher died a few years ago. She died of cancer. I didn't know about it until today. Goodbye, Mrs. Ostrid. Rest in peace! But on the bright side, I had prom, today. It was a lot of fun! I chatted with a lot of people and gave compliments to the girls' dresses. I also saw my friend's baby girl, Marion. She was so adorable! We took a few teachers' cars to the Utah Cultural Center. I enjoyed dancing, there. While I was there, I found a picture painted by my grandma! Her painting was awarded with a blue ribbon next to it. I thought it was pretty cool. After that, I went home and am now sitting here to relax.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Still on the search

I'm still looking for that version of "50 Nifty United States". I've even planned a video of it. I still need help. Hello? Is there anyone who has that version? If so, please give me a download of it. That way, I can make a video of that version. Thanks!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Like me on Facebook!

Hi, everyone! I now have a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, you can find my page here. If you want to see me on other social media websites, just ask me and I'll join it right away! But in the meantime, like me on FB! Thanks!

Sick Day

I am not feeling very good, so I have to stay home from school. My parents let me use the computer on sick days like this (they aren't very strict), so that's why I'm posting. I've got a bad cough and a headache. It started during Spring Break. That really does suck! Well, I hope I'll feel better someday. But then I'll be back in school, and that's no fun, either. Oh, well. I guess I'll be home for a while. That will be a good time to do whatever the heck I want.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and Back to school

Hey, everyone! This Easter, I didn't get a hollow chocolate bunny, but I DID get a chocolate bunny that's solid! Well, it's better than the crispy kind, which I think tastes boring. I also tried to put a video of my family on Easter, but my computer wouldn't let me. That really made me so frustrated! I had to delete that video from my camera. Sorry, everyone. My mom got hot cross buns! Now I know why they're called that. It's because they have a cross in the middle. Tonight, we will have ham for dinner, as well as deviled eggs (they're the Easter eggs we colored, yesterday!) The ham smells like bacon, and I LOVE bacon! Bacon, as well as hot dogs and chicken nuggets, is the one of the only meats I'd eat! As I was saying, I have school tomorrow. DARN! That really sucks! But at least I have one more week until the next and last term of my Sophomore year! After that, I have summer! But also, I have a few more years until I got to college. That means I will have to miss summer vacation. Phooey! But that's not going to happen until later. I've got plenty of things to do in the meantime! But tomorrow, Spring Break is over for the year. But luckily, I just might learn how to animate! Might, that is. But there will be a whole bunch of fun things to do. You'll never know what!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coloring Easter Eggs

Here are some good pictures I took of my family coloring Easter Eggs. I made an egg with Utah saying: "Happy Easter!"

Eclipse, Easter, and April Fools

Well, I missed the Lunar Eclipse this morning. Oh, well. At least I've seen other eclipses in my life. I woke up past 7:00pm MDT. Well, tomorrow's Easter. Today, my family is going to color the Easter eggs. But we will do it once Dad is back from his run and after his nap. In the meantime, we will clean the house for the Easter Bunny to come. Tomorrow morning, I hope I will get a hollow chocolate bunny in my basket. Those are good! Oh, and on April Fools day, I put tape on the bottom of Emily's computer mouse while she was in the shower. It was a good prank, but it was no match for when Becca put dog food in all of our cereal boxes! Then we had to buy new cereal. Boy, did that suck! Well, I hope you have a fun time, this Easter. Or if you don't celebrate Easter, have a good spring! Or if you live in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, have a good fall!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Autism Awareness Day and My life story

Guess what?! It's AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!!!!!! My family is proud to have me around, but here's a story about my life. When I was about 2 or 3 years old, my parents were wondering what was going on with my attitude. I didn't like hearing motor noises such as the blender, the mixer, or the garbage disposal. I was also afraid of the vacuum (not for how it sounded, but for how it looked which affected how I THOUGHT it sounded), the statue at my grandparents' house, and overhead airplanes. My parents went to a psychiatrist and found the result: I have autism! My parents were worried that they wouldn't make any successful work in parenting.Years later, I went to school  in Tooele, Utah, for Kindergarten and 1st grade. When I started 2nd grade, I went to a new school in North Salt Lake. In 5th grade, I got expelled from that school for my attitude and went to another school in Tooele. I didn't like it there because they played kid songs and pushed kids against the wall with their butts as a timeout. One time, I got cut because of it. In January 2010, I moved on to a new school near the University of Utah. It was more fun. Then, in 6th grade, I moved back to the school I got expelled from, except it was in the High School building (It was for middle schoolers AND high schoolers). But when I hit puberty, my attitude got worse. I started destroying property, hurting people very seriously, and everything worse. My parents didn't know what to do, so they sent me to a mental hospital. The mental hospital was no fun, but my attitude got better. There, I developed an interest in the 50 states, but I also started hating it when people told me to ignore of walk away from someone who's bullying me. And I still hate the word "reaction" (unless you mean it as in "chemical reaction"). Almost a year after I started, I discharged from the state hospital. I went to a new school near Salt Lake City. That was where I met two women named "Alyssa". One was Jewish, and the other was from Mississippi (I called Mississippian Alyssa "Alississippi!"). I am now 15 (almost 16) years old and I still am afraid of the vacuum, but it's in the basement because it doesn't work anymore. I am also afraid of tornadoes because of the dark clouds. I now go to school in West Valley City. Oh, and one more thing: Don't forget to wear blue, tomorrow!

Where's that "50 Nifty" Song?!

I'm looking for a certain version of "50 Nifty United States". It's not the Schoolhouse Rock version, and it's not the version that sounds patriotic, either. They are singing the states portion twice. I found the states portion, but that's not enough. I need the FULL version. The states portion can be found on this video shown here. I want to hear the full version so I could make a video of it. It also has to be compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker. I can't seem to find it on Google!Also, is there a way to download it without hurting the computer? Thanks!