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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eclipse, Easter, and April Fools

Well, I missed the Lunar Eclipse this morning. Oh, well. At least I've seen other eclipses in my life. I woke up past 7:00pm MDT. Well, tomorrow's Easter. Today, my family is going to color the Easter eggs. But we will do it once Dad is back from his run and after his nap. In the meantime, we will clean the house for the Easter Bunny to come. Tomorrow morning, I hope I will get a hollow chocolate bunny in my basket. Those are good! Oh, and on April Fools day, I put tape on the bottom of Emily's computer mouse while she was in the shower. It was a good prank, but it was no match for when Becca put dog food in all of our cereal boxes! Then we had to buy new cereal. Boy, did that suck! Well, I hope you have a fun time, this Easter. Or if you don't celebrate Easter, have a good spring! Or if you live in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, have a good fall!

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