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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sweet 16 Party and New baby announcement

I just had my sweet 16 birthday party, today! We went to the Nickelcade in Taylorsville, Utah. We had a cake with fondant (my request), a baked potato bar, and even a chocolate fountain! I played a lot of games. After that, we went to my grandparents' house. That was when I realized my aunt was going to have a baby. It's going to be a boy, and he will be born in October. My family-on Mom's side- sang happy birthday to me and my cousin (we were born one day apart.). We had pizza, whereas mine was cheese with no sauce (the way I like it!). When my cousin and I tried to blow out the candles, it turned out to be the prank candles that light themselves up again after you blow them out. My family can be funny! I got to see my toddler cousin, Milo. He was very cute and silly! Well, I had a great time for my Sweet 16 party! I hope you've had one or will, too!

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