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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Becca's Talent Show and Prom

Today was an interesting day. I watched Becca at her school's talent show. I thought she did great at gymnastic work! While I was there, I heard my Kindergarten teacher died a few years ago. She died of cancer. I didn't know about it until today. Goodbye, Mrs. Ostrid. Rest in peace! But on the bright side, I had prom, today. It was a lot of fun! I chatted with a lot of people and gave compliments to the girls' dresses. I also saw my friend's baby girl, Marion. She was so adorable! We took a few teachers' cars to the Utah Cultural Center. I enjoyed dancing, there. While I was there, I found a picture painted by my grandma! Her painting was awarded with a blue ribbon next to it. I thought it was pretty cool. After that, I went home and am now sitting here to relax.

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