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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and Back to school

Hey, everyone! This Easter, I didn't get a hollow chocolate bunny, but I DID get a chocolate bunny that's solid! Well, it's better than the crispy kind, which I think tastes boring. I also tried to put a video of my family on Easter, but my computer wouldn't let me. That really made me so frustrated! I had to delete that video from my camera. Sorry, everyone. My mom got hot cross buns! Now I know why they're called that. It's because they have a cross in the middle. Tonight, we will have ham for dinner, as well as deviled eggs (they're the Easter eggs we colored, yesterday!) The ham smells like bacon, and I LOVE bacon! Bacon, as well as hot dogs and chicken nuggets, is the one of the only meats I'd eat! As I was saying, I have school tomorrow. DARN! That really sucks! But at least I have one more week until the next and last term of my Sophomore year! After that, I have summer! But also, I have a few more years until I got to college. That means I will have to miss summer vacation. Phooey! But that's not going to happen until later. I've got plenty of things to do in the meantime! But tomorrow, Spring Break is over for the year. But luckily, I just might learn how to animate! Might, that is. But there will be a whole bunch of fun things to do. You'll never know what!

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