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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a fun weekend! On Saturday, my mom, my grandma, and I went to the mall for a shopping spree. The clothes I bought were a blueish green floral shirt, a pink shirt with zebras, a neon green pair of shorts, a brown pair of shorts, and a swimsuit top and bottom bought separately. After that, we went to Red Robin for dinner. I had some fish and chips (fries). Earlier, when my mom took me to the grocery store, I bought a Mother's Day card for her with her permission. Since she knew she wasn't supposed to look, I paid for it, myself. On Sunday (that would be Mother's day), my mom, Grandma (same one that took me to the mall), my aunt and uncle, my sisters, and I went to Applebees for dinner. I had some fries, mozzarella sticks, and some churros with a s'more dipping. Then, we went to Grandma's new house (she moved back from Alabama) and saw all her dogs. One of her dogs, Velvet, liked to give me and my family kisses on the face. Another of her dogs (I think her name was Gracie) bit Becca near her shoulder. Poor Becca. I could tell that hurt. But I'll bet all of Grandma's dogs were sweet. We had Louisiana Crunch bundt cake (lemon flavored). It was delicious. After that, we went home. I had a great Mother's Day. I love you, Mom!

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