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Thursday, March 19, 2015

All about me!

Hi, everyone! I'm Eleanor Swan.
 This blog is about a lot of my creative ideas. But before we get started, I'd like to tell you about myself. I was born on April 28th, 1999 in a Salt Lake City hospital. I have high-functioning ASD (autism-spectrum disorder). I live in Tooele (Pronounced "too-WILL-ah"), Utah, USA, with my mom and dad, my older sister, Emily, and my younger sister, Rebecca (She goes by "Becca"). I love my family, so I have empathy toward people whose parents are very strict. I feel like their parents are abusing them. Especially when their parents are spanking them. Ouch!
I love learning about the 50 U.S. states. I've been to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah (of course.), Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado (I pronounce it "col-uh-RADD-oh".), New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida (I went there by accident. We were originally going to my grandma's house in Alabama, but we took a wrong turn and ended up in the Florida panhandle.), Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I've also been to Washington, DC.

Laurie Keller (author of books like "The Scrambled States of America" and "Arnie the Doughnut") and I know each other on the Internet. I like to give her neat ideas on Facebook. We've known each other ever since I e-mailed her an idea of the Scrambled States. It was about a Scrambled States Christmas book. I also wanted Utah to be the main character. Fortunately, she responded! Laurie Keller said that she LOVED the idea! She also asked if I lived in Utah. She was right. Also, on my 15th birthday, she gave me cool stuff. One of them was a picture of Utah saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELEANOR! Thanks for living on me!". I just couldn't stop smiling. It was one of the best birthdays ever! I also have empathy toward people who are being bullied. I hate it when people tell me to ignore them and/or walk away. It make things worse when people say they are doing it because they know they are getting a reaction. That makes me mad! Sometimes, I'd rather hurt the bully, but others say it won't work. The best way in which I'd rather do is tell a trusted adult. That way, the bully will get in trouble. Another way I'd do it is to crack a joke. He/she would be so disappointed on how I responded,so they'll leave me alone. I love this song called "50 Nifty United States". My favorite part of the song is "North, South, East,West, in our calm, objective opinion, Utah is the best of the..." (But this is MY opinion. You can sing your state as the best.) On Youtube, I have found all the states sang as the best except Vermont. So if you live in Vermont and know the song, feel free to sing it, as long as you know that part and know how it EXACTLY goes. Don't forget to post it on Youtube. Thanks! This is the inception of a blog about a creative, autistic girl. Enjoy!

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